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Essay types
The type of essay is determined by the topic. This information is usually included in the assignment. But if the topic is known and the author is invited to choose the view on their own, then it is better not to experiment and choose the one that fits the particular topic.

There are three main types. Depending on the type of writing, the structure of the narration, the questions and answers of the author differ.

Essay pros and cons
This type of essay means that the author will offer arguments as the story progresses. Depending on which of them will be more and how important they are, at the end we will draw a conclusion. We can say that there is no single correct answer, to determine in which situation one argument will be correct, and in which another.

The structure of this type of essay is as follows:

This indicates an interesting fact or why the reader should be interested in the issues discussed below.
Main part . The main arguments for and against are explained. The author has no right to state the ultimate truth, so the narrative is neutral.
Conclusion... Here already the author of the essay can express his point of view. This is done wisely, based on personal experience. After conclusion.
This type of essay is considered difficult, especially if the topic is not very familiar. Schoolchildren and students are often asked to write essays on political and philosophical topics. Adolescents and young people do not understand the subject and describe it in English is a big problem, but they find help from professional authors (which can be found here, bid for papers) who are ready to help at any time.
Opinion essays
Essay review seems simple at first glance. The author must put his thoughts on paper (and there should be many people, whether they like the topic or not), consider the issue from different angles. In fact, it is not difficult if you already have essay writing experience, if not, then maybe you are the first to better hire the author who will do everything for you.

It is important to back up the information with facts and figures so that it does not look like just a conversation between two friends who, out of boredom, decided to discuss an incomprehensible topic.

The outline of the story is:
Introduction. It is worthwhile to interest the reader in a fact, to tell why the issue is important for discussion.
Main part. First, a personal point of view is stated, while the maximum arguments of the argumentation are noted. Then the opposite point of view is noted. Unlike the pros and cons, the second point of view is not fully signed, but written in passing. In the essay, the author must describe why, in his opinion, he does not like the opposite point of view, why he does not share it. Again, there are strong and compelling arguments for this.
Conclusion. The conclusion does not need to be written; it is clear from his reasoning to which point of view he is inclined. Let's summarize to form a final opinion.
To write such an essay, you need to understand the topic in detail so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and eventually hire an author who will rewrite my essay again.Read English-language literature on the topic, this will allow you to find out interesting facts, select necessary language constructions and complete the topic with words.


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